More Than 700,000 Yuan Lost in a Job-Seeking Scam by Investing in a Company

TapTechNews July 7 news, today the topic of "job seekers being cheated out of more than 700,000 yuan by investing in the company" topped the list of popular topics on Weibo. As of TapTechNews release, the relevant topic ranked fourth on the real-time heat list.

More Than 700,000 Yuan Lost in a Job-Seeking Scam by Investing in a Company_0

TapTechNews learned by querying the top of the topic that the victim, Chen, planned to find an internship before graduating from university in 2023, but was defrauded by a company named "Zhongwei Fumei Artificial Intelligence Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.". The company's actual controller, Tang, tricked Chen into signing the so-called "Elite Cultivation (Support) Cooperation Contract" with a series of routines and was also required to invest in other companies. And what awaited him was not the "path of the elite", but the deeper and deeper "paid-to-work" fraud. When he realized he was cheated and left, Chen Ping owed 100,000 yuan because of several contracts.

Referring to the so-called "cooperation contract", there are a lot of "financial freedom", "class leap", "elite in the workplace", which is more like an advertisement of the enterprise boasting itself. According to student parents and many job seekers and reporters, there are quite a number of people like Chen who were cheated into the company by Tang in the form of recruitment, and most of them were tricked into investing or signing equity subscription agreements. Among them, there is a local job seeker in Shanghai, Wen, who was cheated up to 700,000 yuan in just less than half a year.

More Than 700,000 Yuan Lost in a Job-Seeking Scam by Investing in a Company_1

As of TapTechNews release, Tang has been placed on criminal file by the Shanghai police for his alleged fraud at Shanghai Zhongwei Fumei Company, and has also been taken criminal coercive measures by the police.

The police remind that the majority of graduates should carefully choose their jobs, and any behavior involving "giving money" to the company should be vigilant to prevent being cheated.