Ideal L6 in Spotlight Motor Replacement Issue 9 Days after Pickup in China

TapTechNews July 7th news, the topic of #Ideal L6 needing to replace the motor 9 days after picking up the car# has rushed to the top of the Weibo hot search list today. According to the report of 1818 Golden Eye, the party involved, Xiaoding, bought an Ideal L6, which cost about 260,000 yuan ($37,500) after landing. However, there was a problem on the 9th day after picking up the car, and Ideal said that the rear motor needs to be replaced after inspection.

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It is reported that Xiaoding has had many negotiations with the Ideal side, and the other party's plan is to replace the rear motor for free and give some customer care, while Xiaoding wants to return or exchange the car.

In this regard, Manager Xu of Ideal Auto's Hangzhou Yuhang Service Center said that it is indeed because it does not meet the three guarantees for returning or exchanging the car, and there is no way to handle the return or exchange of the car for the user. Considering that it is a new car for the user, from the perspective of the user experience, they are also actively helping the user apply for some care plans, but so far they have not reached a final consensus with the customer.

Xiaoding believes that the relevant regulations in Zhejiang Province stipulate that if there is a quality problem with major parts such as the engine within 60 days, it can be returned or exchanged, and the engine of an oil car is equivalent to the motor of an electric car. In response, Ideal believes that the engine is not equivalent to the motor.

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TapTechNews found that according to Article 27 of the Measures of Zhejiang Province for Implementing the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People's Republic of China: Within 60 days from the date when the seller issues the unified invoice for the sale of motor vehicles or within 3,000 kilometers of driving mileage (whichever comes first), in case of failure of the steering system, failure of the braking system, cracking of the body, fuel leakage, failure of the safety device, vehicle self-ignition or vehicle out of control due to other quality problems, or if there are product quality problems with the main parts of the engine and transmission, the seller or producer of household automotive products should replace or return the whole vehicle according to the requirements of the consumer and compensate for losses in accordance with the law.

Experts from the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Commission said that the Zhejiang Automobile Three Guarantees was promulgated and implemented on May 1, 2017. At that time, new energy vehicles had not yet risen, so there was no regulation for new energy vehicles, only the definition for oil cars, and the new regulations will be revised this year.