CF Moto's 675SR Sport Bike to Be Launched in July

CF Moto's 675SR three-cylinder sport bike will debut on July 13 with 70kW power and specific features.

Fortinet Reports Fickle Ransomware Trojan

A new ransomware Trojan named Fickle reported by Fortinet, spreading via VBA macros and bypassing Windows UAC.

Huawei Weather App Version Update

Huawei Weather App version beta test with new features and notes, activity date from June 24 to July 1.

Taobao Updates Its VisionPro Version with New Features

Taobao launched VisionPro version on AppStore and updated to 2.0 with payment function, voice search, etc. DJI and Xiaomi brand pavilions are available.

Huawei's HarmonyOS NEXT System with Intention Framework and Xiaoyi Features

This article reports on Huawei's HarmonyOS NEXT system and its features like the intention framework, Xiaoyi assistant, and service recommendations. Less than 150 characters.

iFLYTEK to Release XF Spark Large Model's Latest Progress

iFLYTEK will release the latest progress of XF Spark large model with various features and applications.

Back 4 Blood Hits 10% Off on Steam in China Region

Back 4 Blood, a cooperative shooting game, has a 10% off sale on Steam in China. With details on features and screenshots. Less than 150 characters.

Remake of 'Tsukihime' to be Released on June 27th with Chinese Support

The classic visual novel game 'Tsukihime' remake will be out on June 27th for PS4/Switch, with Chinese support. Details about the game inside.

Anker Launches 140W Dual-Head USB-C Charging Cable Overseas

Anker's new 140W dual-headed USB-C charging cable for overseas market, with features and details. Less than 150 characters.

Ideal Automobile Announces OTA 6.0.0 Beta Recruitment and Key Features

Ideal Automobile announces unlimited recruitment for OTA 6.0.0 Beta version with key features in intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit. Read on for details.

Apple's iPadOS18 Features Formatting External Drives, iCloud File Caching

Discover the new features in Apple's iPadOS18, including formatting external drives and iCloud file caching.

Changan Lumin Commemorative Edition Set to Launch on June 27th

TapTechNews reports that the Changan Lumin commemorative edition will be out on June 27th. Know details about its price, specs, and features. Stay tuned for more.

Qualcomm & China Unicom Demo 5G-A Milestone in Chengdu

Qualcomm China and China Unicom demonstrated 5G-A technology with a high-speed experience and its application in various businesses.

Sony Gives away free avatars from 'Astro Bot' game

Sony announces free avatars of 'Astro Bot' for users, game to release on PS5. Codes for redemption provided.

Hollow Knight Silksong Update

The latest on Hollow Knight Silksong - development progress and release details (less than 150 characters).

Sichuan Zigong Airport's First 'Civil Aviation/Unmanned Aircraft Fusion Program'

The first 'fusion training program' in Sichuan Zigong Airport allows civil aviation and unmanned aircraft to operate simultaneously without interference, improving airspace efficiency.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Updates with New Firmware and Features

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 gets new firmware with added watch remote control and upgraded functions. Learn more.

Loongson中科 3C6000 Series Processor Update

News about the progress of Loongson中科 3C6000 series processor, including its return of prototype, performance, and interconnection technology.

Large-scale Fire at ARICELL's Lithium Battery Factory in Hwaseong City

A large fire occurred at ARICELL's factory in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, with 22 deaths, 2 missing, and 6 injured.

Huawei Launches Developer Evangelist Program

Huawei announces the Developer Evangelist Program at HDC 2024, details on access conditions and its significance.

BYD FangChengBao to Offer Upgraded Half-Axle Service for Leopard 5

BYD FangChengBao announces free upgraded and reinforced half-axle service for Leopard 5 on June 26.

ASRock Launches AMD Radeon RX 6400 Low Profile Graphics Card

ASRock's new AMD Radeon RX 6400 Low Profile 4GB graphics card with unique features and specifications.

SenseTime Launches 'Office Raccoon' Mini-Program

SenseTime Technology's Office Raccoon, a data analysis product based on its large model, is now available in mini-program version. It can handle files in WeChat chat and offers various features.

ByteDance Denies Cooperation with Broadcom on AI Chips

ByteDance refutes rumors of collaborating with Broadcom on AI chips, details about their efforts in the AI field.

Faceting Intelligence and HUAWEI Cloud form cooperation at HDC2024

Faceting Intelligence and HUAWEI Cloud team up for large model solutions at HDC2024, and more details.

OnePlus to Launch Tablet Pro at Summer Event

OnePlus is set to debut the Tablet Pro with impressive features. Learn more.

Leaked Specs of the Mysterious vivo X200Pro Battery, Display and Chip

Details about a rumored vivo X200Pro with its large battery, advanced chip, and expected release date.Competing with other phones in October.

Liu Cixin's Another Novel to Be Adapted into a Drama Series

News about Liu Cixin's novel <i>Countryside Teacher</i> being adapted into a drama series, with details and background.

Gigabyte Releases High-Durability AITOP100E Solid-State Drive with Advanced Technology

Gigabyte's AITOP100E for AI workloads with high durability, features, and technology. Read for more details.

Leapmotor A12 Spied Interior Revealed, Product Strategy and More

A spy photo of Leapmotor A12's interior. Learn about its UI, design, and future plans. Stay tuned for more updates.

Aorus & XPG DDR5 RAM Unleashing Performance with Ease for Beginners

Discover the advanced memory overclocking capabilities of the Aorus and XPG DDR5 RAM, suitable even for beginners. Explore its features, performance, and more.

Linpu ES2 Battery Sensor Update Production Stopped, Compensation Plan Announced

Linpu stops ES2 production and offers compensation. The 60GHz band's compliance is in question, with plans to seek clarification.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Appeared on Canadian Amazon with Details Revealed

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 was spotted on Amazon with specs like 3-nm chipset and more. It'll be available in July.learn more about its features.

Cainiao to Land 7 Cross-border Merchant Centers in 2024

Cainiao plans to land 7 cross-border merchant centers in 2024, focusing on Yiwu, Zhejiang, with various services for merchants.

North Bay Intelligent Connected Vehicle Project Tender in Wuhu

The latest tender for the North Bay Intelligent Connected Vehicle Project in Wuhu, with details about the project and its background.

Tencent Video Announces 'Folding City' Drama Series

Tencent Video presents the 'Folding City' drama series based on Hugo Award-winning IP. Adapted from Hao Jingfang's 'Folding Beijing'. Rating 7.3 on Douban. Details to come.

Great Wall Motors Partners with Huawei for Intelligent Mobility

Great Wall Motors teams up with Huawei, gets access to HUAWEIHiCar resources for intelligent travel.

China Releases Measures to Create New Consumption Scenarios and Cultivate Growth Points

This news reports on the measures jointly issued by several Chinese government agencies to create new consumption scenarios and cultivate growth points, covering catering, entertainment, auto, and electronics. It details the key tasks and initiatives in these areas.

EU's actions against Apple over compliance issues

The EU is taking steps against Apple for alleged non-compliance with the Digital Markets Act, involving issues like app store policies and service restrictions.

BlackmagicDesign Launches Android Version of BlackmagicCamera

BlackmagicDesign announces the Android version of BlackmagicCamera with features and compatibility details.
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