ApplePay Gets New 'Blue Archive' Anniversary Exclusive Card Faces

TapTechNews July 11th news, there are new card faces available for ApplePay to claim. Apple stated that from today, iPhone and Apple Watch users can freely download the anniversary-exclusive electronic card face of 'Blue Archive' through the card face mall channels of Beijing Municipal Smart Card, Shanghai Public Transport Card, and Lingnan Pass, and everyone can go to the app to claim it for free during the event period.

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'Blue Archive' is about to celebrate its first anniversary since launch, and Arona has specially prepared 5 exclusive card faces for everyone, including 'Abydos Resort - Beachside', 'Abydos Resort - Summer Night', 'Heliosphere Congress - Horseback Riding Battle', 'Heliosphere Congress - Obstacle Race', 'Heliosphere Congress - Halftime Break' and other 5 card face themes.

Through the ApplePay rapid transit card function, Apple users only need to bring the top of the iPhone or the display of the Apple Watch close to the card reading area of the subway turnstile or the bus POS device to complete the payment, without the need to use Face ID, Touch ID or password for authentication, nor the need to wake up or unlock the device or open any app.

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For Apple users to add a transit card to the Wallet App, it only takes a few simple steps: users can click the '+' sign on the top of the iPhone Wallet App interface, then select 'Transit Card' and the card type in the list, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the adding steps.

Among them, the national interoperable version of the mobile transit card can be used not only locally but also in many interoperable cities across the country. For city details, you can go to the WeChat public account 'Transport Union Official Service Account' - 'City List' to learn about it.