Consumer Doubts about Ali Health Pharmacy's Product, Smart Anti-Counterfeiting Issue Arises

TapTechNews July 4th news, a consumer said that he purchased 2 boxes of the nutritional oral liquid of the American Jeunesse brand, Reserve, at Tmall's Ali Health Pharmacy Overseas Store during the 618 period. However, after the arrival, it was found that there was no smart anti-counterfeiting traceability code posted on the product's outer packaging. Therefore, he expressed doubts about the Ali Health Pharmacy, believing that the taste and packaging of its products were different from those he had previously purchased on the official website, suspected that he had bought counterfeit goods, and applied for a refund but was rejected.

In response to this, the Ali Health side responded to Sina Tech that it had immediately contacted the consumer to confirm the specific situation and completed communication with the American Jeunesse brand. At present, it has been confirmed that all American Jeunesse brand products sold in the Ali Health Pharmacy are all original imported products from the American brand side, ensuring the regularity and legality of the products.

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Regarding the no setting of smart anti-counterfeiting identification, Ali Health said that the products imported originally by the American Jeunesse brand side have no smart anti-counterfeiting identification. The smart anti-counterfeiting identification mentioned by The Paper is a spontaneous behavior of a domestic certain supplier and has nothing to do with the brand side, and the American brand side official website also does not mention any relevant instructions about smart anti-counterfeiting identification.

The Ali Health Pharmacy can provide regular procurement certification documents开具 by the brand side to consumers and supervisory media as needed to ensure a clear source and direct supply of goods. At the same time, Ali Health can cooperate to provide the official contact information of the American Jeunesse brand to help confirm that the Jeunesse products purchased by our company are original imports and direct supply from the brand.

It is worth noting that the authorized dealer of the American Jeunesse, Shanghai Jiani Poetry Business Co., Ltd. responded to The Paper that there are indeed many counterfeit goods of the nutritional oral liquid of Reserve in the Chinese mainland. Since March 2023, all products sold by the American Jeunesse in the Chinese market have all implemented the smart anti-counterfeiting identification.

TapTechNews found out that this Jeunesse Reserve nutritional oral liquid is still sold normally in the Ali Health Pharmacy Overseas Store. The product page shows that the product is shipped from Suzhou Wujiang Bonded Warehouse No. 1 and promises 100% genuine, ten times compensation for fakes.

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