China's First Large-Scale Enclosed Intelligent Connected Vehicle Proving Ground to Commence Operations

TapTechNews July 8th news, China Automobile Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd. announced today that on July 16, the first large-scale enclosed intelligent connected vehicle proving ground in China - the Yangtze River Delta (Yancheng) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Proving Ground, which was invested 1.5 billion by China Automobile Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd., is about to officially operate.

This proving ground covers all scenario requirements for intelligent connected vehicle and autonomous driving ability testing, and also takes into account the full-item testing ability of heavy commercial vehicles. The official claims that it is world-leading and has several industry firsts.

TapTechNews attached the main information of the proving ground facilities as follows:

Intelligent Connected Tunnel: It is the world's first and only real tunnel scene built in an enclosed vehicle proving ground. It has a total length of 840 feet (about 256 meters), two-way four-lane, and a depth of 13 meters underground. The buried section is in an S-shaped bend with a length of 350 feet (about 107 meters), and there are underground diversion and confluence ramps, which can meet all testing requirements of intelligent connected vehicles in real tunnel scenarios, and can test the functions of perception, calculation, decision-making, and execution of intelligent connected vehicles when there is no GPS positioning signal and the network signal is shielded.

Ultra-wide multi-lane performance road: The straight section has a length of 2100 feet (about 640 meters), a width of 24 feet (about 7.3 meters), six lanes, and the maximum test speed can reach 160 km/h. After combining with the intelligent connected high-speed ring road, it can reach 10 lanes, and the technical indicators are at the domestic leading and international first-class level. When designing this test road, the testing requirements of future flying cars are also considered. In addition to meeting the tests of intelligent connected vehicles, it can also serve the tests of general aviation aircraft and contribute to the development of the future low-altitude economy.

Intelligent Connected Urban Block: It covers an area of about 660,000 square meters and includes urban scene simulation area, rural scene simulation area, and meteorological scene simulation area and other three functional test areas. It has complete functions and is equipped with the latest generation of 5G-A communication network base station with integrated communication and sensing, as well as a large number of roadside perception devices and edge computing capabilities, supporting conflict tests of complex traffic participants at different road conditions and medium, low, and high speeds, autonomous driving tests under different meteorological environments, and vehicle-road coordination function tests, etc.

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