Xiaomi Motors to Launch Third Model in 2026 - A Range-Extended SUV for Family Users

TapTechNews July 8th news, according to 21st Century Business Herald, it was learned from multiple sources that Xiaomi Motors plans to launch its third model in 2026 - a range-extended SUV for family users.

 Xiaomi Motors to Launch Third Model in 2026 - A Range-Extended SUV for Family Users_0

Reports citing informed sources said that this car had changed two versions of the plan in the pre-research stage, showing that Xiaomi has high hopes for it. In addition, with the third car, Xiaomi is trying an innovative business model, that is, replacing non-functional safety-related automotive-grade components with consumer electronics-level hardware, and not doing pre-installation on the car like the traditional car factory's thinking but delivering a bare car and then letting users do the option and assemble their own cars.

According to the previous plan, Xiaomi's release rhythm is three cars in three years, namely the pure electric sedan Xiaomi SU7 in 2024, the pure electric SUV in 2025, and the range-extended SUV in 2026. The report said that after Xiaomi released the Xiaomi SU7 at the end of March, it plans to reveal more information about the new model at the new product launch conference in July.

At present, the leading home range-extended SUV in the market is Li Auto, and its monthly sales in June has nearly reached 50,000 units. Xiaomi's third car will directly compete with Li Auto, aiming to gain a foothold in the home range-extended SUV market.

It is learned that Xiaomi's third car will undertake the task of going in large quantities at a low price. According to 36Kr Automobile's previous report, Xiaomi's third car is initially planned to be around 150,000 yuan, and the internal requirement for the third car is a strict cost orientation.

Informed sources also said that in the following second and third models, Xiaomi will focus on its own intelligence, and the intelligent cockpit may also be synchronized to adopt its self-developed AIOS system later.

According to TapTechNews' understanding, although Xiaomi started relatively late in the car-making industry, its powerful ecosystem is its biggest competitive advantage. Xiaomi has made a comprehensive layout in the automotive supply chain and invested in nearly 50 enterprises in the automotive field, which enables Xiaomi to provide accessories to users at a lower price.