Tesla Appoints Christian Adrian as Berlin Factory Production Director, Expansion Planned

TapTechNews July 5th news, according to a report in the German商报 on Wednesday, Tesla has appointed former Mercedes-Benz manager Christian Adrian as the production director of the Berlin Gigafactory.

According to Tesla Berlin factory manager AndréThierig, Christian Adrian will be responsible for all production processes of the factory except for the battery manufacturing department. He said that the new appointment is to improve the efficiency and productivity of Tesla and attempts to merge the powertrain department and the vehicle production department into one entity to make the team work more closely together, which is also part of the company's extensive plan to simplify the production process.

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Christian Adrian has rich experience in production. As early as October 2020, he had already joined Tesla as the production director, and had previously worked at Mercedes-Benz and Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd., and served as the chief engineer at Beijing Benz.

According to TapTechNews' earlier report today, the Brandenburg State Environmental Protection Agency has issued a positive reply to the existing site expansion project of Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory, and the department stated that Tesla can start construction in advance at its own risk. This expansion is part of Tesla's plan to double the capacity of the Berlin Gigafactory, with the goal of producing up to 1 million vehicles annually, and increasing the battery production to 100 gigawatt-hours (GWh) per year.

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