SVOLT Energy Releases Multiple New

TapTechNews July 5th news, SVOLT Energy released several new short-blade battery products on the 4th, including 5C lithium iron phosphate short-blade cell, 6C ternary super charging cell, 4C hybrid short-blade cell, etc.

SVOLT Energy Releases Multiple New_0

TapTechNews summarizes the main information of the new products released this time as follows:

5C lithium iron phosphate short-blade cell:Claimed to be the industry's most leading, the charging time from 10% to 80% is shortened to 10 minutes, and the cycle life exceeds 3,500 times, and will be mass-produced in December this year.

6C ternary super charging cell:It can simultaneously meet the ultra-high range and ultra-fast charging experience, after charging for 5 minutes, the range can reach 500-600 miles. The whole pack has a power of up to 100-120 KWh, and the highest range can reach more than 1,000 miles.

4C hybrid short-blade cell 800V hybrid ternary dragon scale armor battery:A product launched for the PHEV market and will be mass-produced in July 2025. The official said that with the support of 800V+4C fast charging technology, it has become the fastest charging PHEV product in the industry. Its energy density is 250 Wh/kg, which can provide a power selection space of 55-70 kWh for PHEV models, and bring a highest pure electric range of 300-400 km. In addition, its unit cost can be reduced by 5%.