Zhipu AI Unveils CodeGeeX4-ALL-9B, A Powerful and Comprehensive Code Generation Model

TapTechNews July 5th news, during the ongoing 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC2024), Zhipu AI released and open-sourced the fourth-generation product of the code-generation large model CodeGeeX, CodeGeeX4-ALL-9B, which integrates all capabilities such as code completion and generation, code Q&A, code interpreter, tool invocation, online search, and project-level code Q&A. It is claimed to be the currently most powerful and most comprehensive code large model under 1 billion (10B) parameters.

According to the introduction, this model has significantly enhanced the code-generation ability on the basis of the language ability of GLM4. The single model of CodeGeeX4-ALL-9B can support code completion and generation, code interpreter, online search, tool invocation, warehouse-level long code Q&A and generation and other functions, covering various scenarios of programming development and supporting more than 300 programming languages.

Zhipu AI Unveils CodeGeeX4-ALL-9B, A Powerful and Comprehensive Code Generation Model_0

CodeGeeX4-ALL-9B upgrades to support 128K context, enabling it to handle and utilize longer code files, even information in project codes, helping the model understand complex and detailed codes more deeply. Based on the longer context, CodeGeeX4-ALL-9B can handle more complex project-level tasks, and can still accurately answer the contents in different code files and make modifications to the codes when the input is significantly longer.

The official also claims that CodeGeeX4-ALL-9B is the currently only code large model that can achieve FunctionCall. It has conducted comprehensive tests on the BerkeleyFunctionCallingLeaderboard, including various forms of function calls, different function call scenarios and tests on the executability of function calls, and the call success rate in the AST and Exec test sets exceeds 90%.

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