LPL's TES Defeats Gen.G in Saudi e-sports World Cup Quarterfinals

TapTechNews July 6th news, in the 1/4 finals of the first Saudi e-sports World Cup 'League of Legends' project, the LPL division team TES defeated the strongest Gen.G team in the LCK division with a 2:0 result, obtaining the qualification for the semifinal, and the semifinal opponent will be the winner between G2 and FlyQuest.

 LPL's TES Defeats Gen.G in Saudi e-sports World Cup Quarterfinals_0

TapTechNews attached event introduction:

【First game battle report】

At twenty minutes, a team fight broke out in the wild area of both sides, Gen.G jungler Canyon was killed first, and TES successfully拿下 the dragon (got the dragon successfully).

At twenty-six minutes, a team fight broke out around the dragon for both sides, TES wiped out Gen.G to拿下 the dragon (got the dragon) and went on to拿下 the Baron Buff (got the Baron Buff).

At thirty-three minutes, TES advanced triumphantly and ended the game with a wave in the middle lane, taking the first game!

【Second game battle report】

In the early stage, TES had a full rhythm, there were kills on both the top and middle lanes, and the bottom lane completed a lane kill!

Then TES steadily expanded the advantage, the kill ratio came to 11-2, controlled most of the neutral resources, and the economic gap came to 6000.

At 25 minutes, TES拿下 the Baron Buff (got the Baron Buff), and all the opponent's outer towers were lost. TES then拿下 the dragon soul (got the dragon soul) and the second Baron Buff, and successfully broke through the opponent's three lanes of high ground! Then found the right opportunity to end the game with a wave!

In this event, some very ritualistic links were also designed. After the competition, Gen.G's Lehends handed the team key symbolizing his team to TES's Creme player, and Gen.G's team key was crushed on the spot by a hydraulic press, and the fragments will become the base of the championship team's trophy.

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