Tencent's DNF Mobile Game (Dungeon and Fighter: Origin) announced that the S2 season is expected to start around July 24. The main updates include lessening the burden of rank promotion, adding a 3V3 arena tournament in the ranking competition, and changing the PVP casual gameplay, etc.


TapTechNews summarizes as follows:

1. Lessening the burden of rank promotion

In the new season, the original 1st to 10th ranks are deleted, and the burden of rank promotion is reduced. The number of games required for all warriors to reach a higher rank is greatly reduced.


2. Rank inheritance system


3. After reaching the Wuzun rank, the ladder mode is activated

In the new season, after reaching Wuzun, it will enter the ladder mode. In the ladder mode, only opponents of the Wuzun rank will be matched, and the win or loss only increases or deducts the victory points.

After reaching the Wuzun rank, the number of rank stars is no longer displayed, and it will not fall out of the Wuzun rank due to failure. We hope that players who reach the Wuzun rank can continue to challenge themselves without much burden and hone themselves in the more peak competition.

The ranking of the ladder mode is settled daily based on the victory points, and the settlement is from 5:00 to 6:00 every morning. After the daily settlement, the top 300 Wuzun in the ladder mode will be awarded the Peak Wuzun rank.

4. Adding a 3V3 arena tournament in the ranking competition

Adventurers can form a 3-person team with friends to carry out a 3V3 arena tournament. The 3 people appear in turn, and the team that defeats all the opposing team members first wins. This mode shares the rank and rewards with 1V1.

5. Changes in the PVP store

Integrating PVP currency: We hope that no matter whether the warriors like the ranking competition or the entertainment competition, they can get the daily rewards and reduce the pressure on the warriors to be forced to participate in the PVP gameplay they don't like. The following PVP daily task reward content is changed.


The exchange of the Mini Coin store will still be retained for a period of time, and players need to exchange rewards as soon as possible. The specific time to remove the store will be notified separately in the subsequent version.

6. Changes in the PVP casual gameplay

New gameplay: Lord Brawl (4-person brawl mode, individual independent combat).

Gain points by defeating monsters on the field, and gain a certain proportion of the opponen t's current points when defeating the opponent. Gain points when dealing damage to the lord BOSS. When the lord dies, the points of everyone are settled for ranking.

Super Brawl, Warrior Fierce Battle, and Lord Brawl will be rotated in gameplay on a weekly basis.