Amazon Web Services China Clarifies Misinformation and Updates on Business

TapTechNews July 11th news, Amazon Web Services China announced at 0:00 today (July 11th) that, "Noticed that there are a large number of seriously false contents in the relevant articles of individual self-media about Amazon Web Services China's business".

Amazon Web Services China Clarifies Misinformation and Updates on Business_0

Amazon Web Services China hereby declares:

Amazon Web Services has a good growth momentum in China's business. The world-leading technology, security stability and closely coordinated partner network of Amazon Web Services support the innovative development of various enterprises locally and globally. Thanks to the trust and recognition of our customers all along.

At present, Amazon Web Services is vigorously recruiting various talents to meet the growing business needs, and welcomes all insightful people who are full of curiosity and enthusiasm for technology to join us.

At the same time, we will also continue to rationally optimize the resource allocation according to the business development situation and needs, and strive to meet the customer needs with the best professional ability and service quality.

TapTechNews queried and analyzed the June 28th report of the analysis agency Canalys. In the first quarter of 2024, the Chinese cloud service market was dominated by Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud and Tencent Cloud, with a combined growth of 22%, occupying 72% of the entire market share, and Amazon Web Services was included in "others".

On July 9th, published an article "AWS in China is being dragged down by'redundant staff'", which stated that "under the siege of its own bloated organization and a group of competitors, the worry of large-scale layoffs is like a thick dark cloud, hanging over the hearts of every AWS employee" (TapTechNews note: AWS is the abbreviation of Amazon Web Services, referring to Amazon cloud services).