NexusMods Announces New Game Mod Manager NexusModsApp

TapTechNews July 3rd news, the NexusMods website (NexusMods) announced the launch of the next-generation game Mod manager - NexusModsApp, and the first alpha version has been released now.

NexusMods Announces New Game Mod Manager NexusModsApp_0

It is introduced that this is a very early version with limited functions, and application updates are planned to be released every 3 weeks. This tool currently only supports 'Stardew Valley' (and more games will be supported later), and the official has started to cooperate with the 'Cyberpunk 2077' Mod makers.

Players must own the 'Stardew Valley' game from Steam or GOG to use NexusModsApp to manage Mods. The 'Stardew Valley' of XboxGamePass (PC) version is planned to provide support in future versions.

The alpha version of this application can be used on Windows or Linux (including SteamDeck), and it is planned to support macOS later.

NexusModsApp will replace the current Mod manager Vortex, although it will not completely replace, but will eventually become the main application.

NexusMods Announces New Game Mod Manager NexusModsApp_1

TapTechNews attached NexusModsApp download address (for early adopters only):