TapTechNews July 9th news, the derivative series of Marvel's WandaVision, Agatha (AgathaAllAlong) released a new promotional trailer today, telling about Agatha Harkness' return, forming a coven of witches, and re-searching for the lost magic, and it mentioned again that Wanda has passed away in the trailer.

Agatha will premiere on September 18th, with a total of 9 episodes, and the first 2 episodes will be aired. This series is a dark comedy, with Jac Schaeffer, the chief screenwriter of WandaVision, serving as the screenwriter and executive producer, Kathryn Hahn continuing to star, and Joe Locke, Aubrey Plaza, Patti LuPone and others joining.


According to TapTechNews' public information search, Agatha is one of the dozen or so most powerful witches on Earth. She can control magical forces by chanting spells, and her most powerful spell seems to be to predict, communicate, analyze or manipulate the thoughts of living beings.




Although she has cast powerful transportation spells and bestowed great power on others, due to the limitations of her age, she usually does not participate in direct magical battles.

Her sources of magic include natural forces, hyper-dimensional beings and her own inner energy. Agatha's spells often require a variety of mysterious ingredients, including but not limited to magic circles, arcane chants and the use of enchanted items.