Air China Flight Delay and Passenger Heat Stroke Incident

TapTechNews July 5th news, on July 3rd, a netizen disclosed that an Air China flight was delayed for an unknown reason, and the air conditioning in the cabin was not turned on, causing passengers to have heat stroke.

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On the evening of July 4th, Air China released the Circumstance Explanation Regarding Flight HO1851 on July 3rd on its official microblog, apologizing for the passenger's heat stroke incident.

Air China deeply apologized for the discomfort caused to passengers due to the poor air conditioning effect in the cabin during the preparation for departure of flight HO1851.

Upon confirmation, on July 3rd, Air China operated flight HO1851 from Hongqiao to Guangzhou. The flight was originally planned to take off at 18:10 and was delayed to 19:20 due to weather reasons. At 17:56 on that day, the boarding of this flight was completed. Considering the weaker cooling capacity of the air conditioning on one side of the aircraft, during the waiting time for takeoff on the aircraft, the crew opened the aircraft cabin door and arranged for the bridge-mounted air conditioning on the boarding bridge to continuously supply air and cool the aircraft.

After receiving the departure instruction, the aircraft closed the cabin door at 19:11, disconnected the connection between the bridge-mounted air conditioning and the boarding bridge and waited for pushback. But due to the thunderstorm at Hongqiao Airport at that time, the flight could not be pushed back on time. Due to the continuous increase of the cabin temperature, the company applied for the bridge, bridge-mounted air conditioning and air conditioning truck to reconnect to the aircraft again. However, because the weather at that time did not meet the operation standards of the ground units, the above equipment failed to connect to the aircraft in time. During this period, the cabin crew continuously provided ice water for passengers and opened some cabin doors for ventilation while waiting for subsequent operation instructions.

As there was no确切 takeoff time due to weather reasons, after the boarding bridge connected to the aircraft at 19:43, the company arranged for passengers to get off the plane and provided snacks and beverages. Ground staff provided health assistance to some passengers with discomfort symptoms.

The flight took off at 22:30 on the same day.

We once again deeply apologize for the uncomfortable experience caused to passengers in this incident and will continue to strengthen the guarantee ability in all aspects and improve the communication and coordination level of each unit. The comfort and safety of passengers' travel has always been our continuous pursuit. Thanks to the care and supervision of Air China from all sectors of society.

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TapTechNews learned that the aircraft operating on Air China's HO1851 flight is a Boeing 787-9 with an aircraft age of 5.6 years.

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