Turkish Government Softens Tariff Decision on Imported Chinese Cars; EU Imposes Tariff on Chinese EVs

TapTechNews July 5th news, according to TurkiyeToday's report today, the latest presidential decree was announced in the official gazette of the Turkish government, and the country softened the recent decision to impose tariffs on imported Chinese cars to encourage car manufacturers to invest.

Specifically, the decision modified the previously issued decree - Turkey originally decided on June 7th to impose a 40% or $7000 per vehicle (TapTechNews note: currently about 50,979 yuan) additional tariff on fuel and hybrid passenger cars originating in China.

The latest government gazette has then modified the scope of application of the import surcharge. From now on, Chinese-origin cars imported under the investment incentive certificate will be exempt from these additional financial obligations. The decision came into effect on July 5th.

Published in the Official Gazette, the decree modifies the application of additional customs duties on imports. Henceforth, Chinese-origin car imports under investment incentive certificates will be exempt from these additional financial obligations.

At the same time, the EU has imposed a tariff of up to 37.6% on electric cars made in China and exported to the region starting from local time on the 5th (Friday, today), and within a four-month window period (TapTechNews note: the final tariff will start to be levied in November, and the temporary tariff is being levied today), it is expected that China and the EU will continue to have intensive negotiations.