XPeng Motors Launches XOS5.2.0 Public Beta with Groundbreaking 'Unlimited XNGP' and More

TapTechNews July 4th news, XPeng Motors has now officially launched the pioneer version 1 of Tianji XOS5.2.0 public beta, including the 'unlimited XNGP' of the 'AI driver that can be driven nationwide', and it adopts a blacklist mode, and almost all users can get the experience.

Unlimited XNGP: It can be driven truly without maps and truly nationwide, and everyone can use it. Small roads and roundabouts are all manageable.

The AI driver surrogate is further upgraded: It not only learns your habits but also automatically corrects deviations.

Tracing reverse: In a dead-end or narrow road, one click to return to the original position, no more frustration.

Parking in and out of the vehicle 2.0: Parking to pick up things, and the camera of the car door can be easily handled with one pat.

In addition to this, the new version has also upgraded and optimized the AI driver surrogate ability and experience, with richer SR details, updated instrument UI, and new functions such as tracing reverse and wired screen projection.

XPeng Motors officially announced that XPeng is the only second global automaker to implement end-to-end technology. 'Unlimited XNGP' will be fully pushed to users this month. Look forward to it.

Referring to TapTechNews' previous report, on February 29 this year, XPeng pushed the unlimited XNGP intelligent assisted driving function to some users with intelligent driving experience, claiming to be 'usable wherever there is navigation, without limitations on cities or routes'.

The CEO and chairman of XPeng Motors, He Xiaopeng, also said that in the next two years, XPeng will promote the research and development of XNGP intelligent assisted driving system globally - researching and developing high-speed NGP globally in 2024, and researching and developing global XNGP in 2025.

He Xiaopeng said that the next step is to achieve 'the full boarding of the end-to-end large model', and even boasted that in the core area, the travel experience will be benchmarked against Waymo under Google; the number of passive takeovers in the core area within 1000 kilometers is less than 1 time, and the intelligent driving travel time will be close to the human driving navigation time, and the use experience in severe weather/irregular pavement will be optimized.