Microsoft Announces Changes to Office365 Connectors for Teams Users

TapTechNews July 4th news, Microsoft Corporation released a community blog post yesterday (July 3rd), announcing that starting August 15, 2024, Teams users will no longer support creating new Office365 Connectors for cloud services; and all related Connectors will be closed starting October 1st.

As part of the Groups function in Outlook 2016 and the web version of Outlook, Microsoft launched Office365 Connectors in 2016, allowing third-party to connect some applications and services of other companies.

Microsoft Announces Changes to Office365 Connectors for Teams Users_0

Microsoft recommends that existing Office365 Connectors users migrate to the PowerAutomate workflow in the Teams application as soon as possible. TapTechNews translates its official introduction as follows:

The PowerAutomate workflow not only provides a deeper catalog of Office connectors, but also ensures that your integration is built on an architecture that can grow with business needs and provides the greatest security for your information.

Currently, users using Office365 Connectors should transition to PowerAutomate to keep their services running smoothly.