Xiaomi SU7 Car's Front Windshield and Signal Issues

TapTechNews July 8th news, recently some netizens raised that there is a problem with the front windshield of Xiaomi SU7 car affecting the mobile phone signal reception. Fuyao Glass, the supplier, responded on July 5th:

Fuyao has previously made a solution - performing regional laser film removal treatment on the coated glass, reserving the receiving windows for various signals such as ETC and GPS, supporting unobstructed recognition of electronic signals, and will not affect the signal transmission.

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TapTechNews found out that the official of Xiaomi Automobile has responded to the problem of the three-layer silver plating on the front windshield affecting the mobile phone signal in April this year. The official said:

During the development of Xiaomi SU7, sufficient mobile phone signal test verification has been done and will not cause interference to the mobile phone network signal. This test covered 15 mobile phones of 6 mainstream brands, 3 major operators, and in many residential areas, business office areas, large supermarkets, underground garages, urban areas, suburban areas, mountainous areas, urban viaducts, tunnels, highways, service areas, national highways, and provincial highways scenarios, and comprehensive test verifications have been done for different vehicle positions and states of opening and not opening windows. The conclusion is: All tested mobile phones have passed the test, and there is no impact on the navigation signal, Internet signal, communication signal, and multimedia fluency experience.

The front windshield of Xiaomi SU7 adopts three-layer silver-plated glass, the panoramic sunroof adopts double-layer silver-plated glass, and the four-door window glasses adopt UV-IR coating technology, which can obtain excellent sun protection and heat insulation performance without the need for film pasting, and has passed the millions of netizens personal test with full praise!

For models without the original factory's three-layer silver-plated glass on the front windshield, when purchasing a third-party heat insulation film containing precious metal materials, due to the lack of strict test verification, it is indeed possible to affect the mobile phone signal.

Xiaomi SU7 car was released in March this year. The official once said that the UV isolation rate of the SU7 car sunroof glass is 99.9%, the infrared isolation rate is over 99.1%, the UV isolation rate of the front windshield glass is 99.5%, and the infrared isolation rate is 97.6%, and the four-door windows all have UV-IR coating. The official measured that the SU7 was exposed to the sun for 1.5 hours in a 38°C environment, and the interior temperature was 59.5°C, which is lower than that of competing models.

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