Boeing Admits to Conspiring to Defraud FAA in Deadly Crashes, Avoids Trial with Plea

TapTechNews July 8th news, according to CCTV World report, insiders from the US Department of Justice revealed that the US Boeing Company has accepted a plea bargain previously proposed by the Department of Justice, admitting to conspiring to defraud the US Federal Aviation Administration in the two fatal air crashes in 2018 and 2019, thereby avoiding going to trial.

In October 2018 and March 2019, flights of Lion Air in Indonesia and Ethiopian Airlines successively had air crashes, and all 346 people on the two airplanes died. The crashed planes were both Boeing 737 MAX 8 passenger jets.

The report said that going to court might expose the relevant decisions of the Boeing Company that led to these two fatal air crashes to a wider range of public supervision. The Boeing Company has also confirmed that it has reached an agreement in principle on the terms of an agreement with the US Department of Justice.

This plea bargain includes a total fine of $487.2 million (TapTechNews note: currently about 3.554 billion yuan RMB), and Boeing needs to pay about half of this amount. Boeing may also be required to pay compensation to the families of the victims, and the specific amount will be determined at the discretion of the judge.

According to the plea bargain, Boeing also needs to invest at least $455 million (currently about 3.319 billion yuan RMB) in the next three years to strengthen safety and compliance behavior. The US Department of Justice will require an independent oversight agency to conduct a three-year audit.