BYD Sealion 07EV Gets First OTA Upgrade with New Functions

TapTechNews July 5th news, BYD announced that the Sealion 07EV has now迎来 its first OTA upgrade, and the push will start陆续 from 20:00 on July 4th.

TapTechNews noticed that this OTA upgrade has added the ultra-low temperature startup function and the drift function for four-wheel drive models, in addition to more than 10 function optimizations. However, BYD has not temporarily disclosed the detailed optimization contents.

BYD Sealion 07EV Gets First OTA Upgrade with New Functions_0

The BYD Sealion 07EV was launched in the domestic market in May this year, positioned as a medium-sized urban smart electric SUV, with a starting price of 189,800 yuan ($27,250 approximately). The new car adopts the family-style appearance design of the Ocean Network, with the length, width and height being 4,830×1,925×1,620 mm (about 190×76×63 inches) respectively, and the wheelbase reaching 2,930 mm (about 115 inches).

BYD Sealion 07EV Gets First OTA Upgrade with New Functions_1

In terms of the cockpit, the new car is equipped with HUD head-up display, and the vehicle-mounted ETC is standard across the board, with DiLink intelligent interconnection and 95% discount on national highway tolls; it supports iPhone / Android phone NFC car key, unlock with one touch without network or power; it is equipped with full-scenario intelligent voice, which can complete more than 1000 vehicle control functions and supports cross-tone region instruction inheritance.

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In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with three power forms, among which the two-wheel drive models will provide 230 kW and 170 kW motors respectively, and the front and rear motors of the four-wheel drive models have the maximum power of 160 kW and 230 kW respectively. Among them, the single-motor model provides two battery range options of 550 km and 610 km, and the dual-motor model has a battery range of 550 km.