Honda and Sony to Share EV Chassis and Future Plans

TapTechNews July 8th news, according to the Nikkei report, Honda and Sony will share the electric vehicle (EV) chassis. The two companies will introduce the system starting from the models released in North America from 2026.

It is reported that the chassis is the pillar of the car, and the development cost of electric vehicles requires more than 100 billion yen (TapTechNews note: currently about 4.534 billion Chinese yuan). The price competition of global electric vehicles is intensifying, and in order to improve competitiveness, there are more and more cooperations among companies.

It is introduced that it is the pure electric vehicle 0 series independently developed by Honda and the high-end pure electric vehicle AFEELA launched for the first time by Sony Honda Mobility, in which Sony Group and Honda each invest 50%, that will promote the generalization of the chassis. The chassis accounts for about 10% of the cost of pure electric vehicles, which helps to cut costs and shorten the development cycle.

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Sony Group and Honda's joint venture Sony Honda Mobility targets to launch three electric vehicles (EV) by 2030:

Introduce the first sedan in 2025.

Launch a sport utility vehicle (SUV) in 2027.

Introduce a compact sedan in the mass-market price range in 2028.

Sony Honda has announced an electric sedan named AFEELA, which is expected to be the first model in 2025. According to previous reports by TapTechNews, the front of this car is equipped with a unique MediaBar, which can display different contents in addition to showing the car logo, including the charging progress and so on. The car will also support L2 driving assistance in urban driving scenarios.

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