Realme GT6 Phone to Be Released with New Features and Design

TapTechNews July 8th news, the realme GT6 phone will be released at 2:00 PM on July 9th, offering Lunar Exploration Edition, Light Year White, and Storm Purple. The Taobao search page shows that the price of this new phone starts at $450 (approx., actual price may vary). It is still uncertain whether it is a smoke screen or the real price.

Realme GT6 Phone to Be Released with New Features and Design_0

According to the previous official warm-up, the realme GT6 phone adopts a rectangular camera module with a ring-shaped flash in the module, and the back of the Light Year White and Storm Purple adopts a spliced design. The Lunar Exploration Edition adopts a brand-new Dark Side of the Moon design, using a floating moonlight micro-carving process to restore the unique landform texture of the moon's surface.

In terms of configuration, this phone is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, the world's first BOE S1+ flagship straight screen with a local peak brightness of 6000 nits; the world's first Crystal Armor Glass, the drop resistance is increased by 160%, and the scratch resistance is increased by 300%; in cooperation with Ningde New Energy, the Energy-accumulating Battery is jointly launched first, with a battery capacity of 5800 mAh and supports 120W fast charging.

Realme GT6 Phone to Be Released with New Features and Design_1

In addition, the realme GT6 phone is the first to carry the brand-new NEXTAI, supporting AIGC erasing, AI gesture control, AI Xiaobu assistant, AI portal and other functions to achieve cross-application interaction.

Regarding the actual listing price of this new phone, TapTechNews will also continue to pay attention and follow-up the report.