NIO Announces June Power Charging Report and Milestone of 6 Years of Service

TapTechNews July 4th news, NIO has just released the June power charging report, announcing that NIO Energy has reached a milestone of 6 years since the launch of service, and the 4th generation charging and battery swap products have also been officially launched in cities such as Guangzhou, Lu'an, and Sanya.

According to the introduction, NIO Energy added 12 battery swap stations and 160 charging piles in June. It provided 2,066,358 battery swap services and 1,922,141 charging services in June.

As of June 30th this year, NIO has cumulatively deployed 2,439 battery swap stations, and the number of battery swap services has exceeded 47 million. NIO is the domestic automotive brand with the most charging piles layout. It has already laid out 3,841 charging stations and 22,755 charging piles, cumulatively providing more than 42 million charging services, while connecting more than 1.05 million third-party charging piles.

TapTechNews noticed that the 45th battery swap station in Europe of NIO went online in the state of Bavaria in Germany. This is also the 17th battery swap station in Germany. The station is only about 40 miles from Austria, providing convenient power charging experience for users traveling to and from Germany and Austria.