Microsoft Updates Support Docs to Boost Windows 11 Apps with AI

TapTechNews July 4th news, Microsoft Corporation updates its support documentation and invites more developers to fully utilize the AI functions to create better applications for the Windows 11 system.

TapTechNews briefly introduces the related information as follows:

Explaining various proper nouns

Microsoft, in this support documentation, explains professional terms such as DirectML, ONNX, ORT, NPU, WinML, etc. in easy-to-understand language, and also introduces contents such as large language models, training machine learning models, inference, fine-tuning of ML models, prompt engineering, and hardware acceleration.

Recommended development languages

Microsoft recommends that developers use frameworks such as OnnxRuntime to use local or cloud-based AI models, and in addition to C++ and Python, also recommends using C# to develop Windows applications.

Encouraging developers to explore various AI applications

Microsoft recommends that developers integrate AI models in their applications or launch applications with AI as the core, for example, generating images/videos/audio, or automatically completing trivial tasks (replying to messages, generating reports/summaries), etc.


Microsoft also issues a warning from the perspective of data privacy and security. Microsoft encourages developers to fully disclose the data they collect from users, the security and usage of the data. In addition, users should also have control over data collection.

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