TapTechNews July 6th news, Tencent's Honor of Kings disclosed today that the 10v10 mode will be available to players soon. The new ranking point mechanism that was previewed in the live broadcast will be launched on the official server along with the 10v10 gameplay.


The official of Honor of Kings revealed that in the new mechanism, the matching experience is better, and the speed of ranking up will be more closely related to the in-game performance. If you perform well, you can gain points whether you win or lose.

After sufficient verification and optimization of 10V10, Honor of Kings will synchronize this set of mechanisms to the 5v5 gameplay in the near two seasons, by conducting a trinity optimization of (matching algorithm - ranking up mechanism - post-game evaluation system) to facilitate a more benign matching experience and in-game environment.

TapTechNews noticed that Honor of Kings currently mainly adopts 5v5 gameplay, which is also the player matchup configuration of most MOBA games. The official planner previously disclosed that a new mode: 10v10 Zhongxing Canyon will be launched on the experience server, expecting to bring a brand new and more free PVP combat experience.

In our vision, if in 5v5, the slightest carelessness of any position will lead to a huge change in the battle situation, and every team member needs to be fully focused.

Then in 10V10, it is to test the team's deployment on a larger scale. While the activity area becomes richer, the split, gameplay, and hero selection will be more flexible.

In 10V10 Zhongxing Canyon, 9 vs 10, 8 vs 10 are not dreams, and any profession can be repeated, and the profession distribution of the team will also be more flexible.

You can focus more on what you want to play and how you want to play. We hope 10V10 is not just a short-term gameplay, but can bring a more free and relaxed feeling to everyone in the long term, so it will also be matched with a more complete experience, such as an independent ranking system and a more suitable process experience.