OpenAI's Security Incident in 2023 and Its Aftermath

TapTechNews July 6th news. Two days ago, published a blog post stating that OpenAI had a security incident at the beginning of 2023, where attackers successfully invaded OpenAI's internal email system and stole sensitive discussions about the company's artificial intelligence technology and research materials, but the hackers did not access the server hosting the artificial intelligence source code.

OpenAIs Security Incident in 2023 and Its Aftermath_0

Since no customer data was leaked in this security incident, OpenAI did not disclose this security incident nor report it to the FBI or other law enforcement agencies, but only notified the board of directors and internal employees.

TapTechNews quoted this media report that this security incident led employees to question OpenAI's emphasis on security and became a new tipping point, resulting in a split among internal employees.

One example is Leopold Aschenbrenner, a technical project manager who focuses on the security risks of artificial intelligence and believes that the company's technology in terms of security is not sufficiently complete.

OpenAI retaliatorily fired this manager, and Aschenbrenner later said that the company fired him after an unreported and unspecified security incident.