Ford Recalls 30,735 Mustang Models Due to Steering System Issues in 2022 and 2023

TapTechNews July 7th news, Ford Motor Company announced the recall of some Mustang models. This recall involves 30,735 Mustangs produced in 2022 and 2023, because these vehicles may have problems with the steering system. Currently, Ford has not received any accident or casualty reports related to this problem.

Ford Recalls 30,735 Mustang Models Due to Steering System Issues in 2022 and 2023_0

This recall does not distinguish between different versions such as EcoBoost or GT, that is to say, all Mustangs of the above years are within the recall range. According to the recall notice, a calibration error problem may exist in an auxiliary torque sensor in the vehicle's electronic power steering system. In layman's terms, this means that the calibration of the steering gear has deviated. As the above-mentioned Mustang uses an electronic power steering system, A sensor failure may cause the driver to feel the steering wheel swinging back and forth when turning the steering wheel.

Ford Recalls 30,735 Mustang Models Due to Steering System Issues in 2022 and 2023_1

It is currently not clear how much the swing amplitude of the steering wheel is. Ford officially stated that the steering wheel may turn left and right against the driver's intention. After learning about the steering system problem from the supplier in late May, Ford immediately launched an investigation. Currently, Ford is aware of two warranty claim cases that may be related to this problem.

Fortunately, the repair method for this recall problem is relatively simple. Ford dealers will install a software update program for the electronic power steering control module for these Mustang models. Owners will start receiving notifications on August 5th, and dealers have already received relevant information in advance.

In response to this recall, Ford Motor Company issued the following statement: Our goal is to fundamentally prevent quality problems from occurring. When problems inevitably arise, we will take measures such as recalls or after-sales services quickly to minimize the inconvenience to customers and solve the problems they encounter. We are committed to improving product launch quality and long-term quality, and we have seen positive progress in this regard.

TapTechNews noted that this is not the only recall initiated by Ford this year. Just a week ago, Ford recalled 552,118 F-150 pickup trucks due to transmission problems. In early June this year, Ford also recalled some Mustang models due to potential fire hazards. According to the data of the US Department of Transportation, Ford Motor Company has initiated 32 recalls in 2024 so far, involving millions of cars.