Microsoft's Xbox Series X/S May Outpace PlayStation 5 in Supporting PS3 Games

TapTechNews July 9th news, according to a new video report released by ModernVintageGamer, thanks to a major update in the developer mode, Microsoft's Xbox Series X/S consoles may take the lead over Sony's PlayStation 5 to support the running of PS3 games.

Microsofts Xbox Series X/S May Outpace PlayStation 5 in Supporting PS3 Games_0

The video points out that although the emulator function of the Xbox Series S has been adjusted recently, its performance is still strong. And the developer mode has recently added Mesa (OpenGL/Vulkan) support, and theoretically it can run emulators of PS3 and even Nintendo Switch games. Currently, the Citra3DS emulator in the alpha stage has achieved relatively smooth running on the Xbox Series X/S, and the future development is full of possibilities.

TapTechNews previously reported that there are rumors that the PS5 may support some PS3 games in the future, but due to the simulation challenges brought by the complex Cell processor architecture of the PS3, the number of compatible games may be quite limited.

The developer mode of the Xbox Series X/S is a special mode that allows users to use retail consoles for software development and testing.