Apple's Market Capitalization Approaches 3.5 Trillion US Dollars, Foxconn Starts Recruitment

TapTechNews July 9th news, after the stock price rose for five consecutive trading days, Apple's market capitalization approached 3.5 trillion US dollars (TapTechNews note: currently about 25.48 trillion RMB), surpassing Microsoft to become the world's highest market capitalization company again.中证 Taurus reported that Apple has increased the orders for this year's iPhone 16 series, and the stocking target has been raised to approximately 90 million units.

Apples Market Capitalization Approaches 3.5 Trillion US Dollars, Foxconn Starts Recruitment_0

According to LatePost Finance, Apple's main contract manufacturer, Foxconn, has also started its peak season recruitment. It is reported that the hourly wage at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou Airport has currently increased to $3.65, although it has not reached more than $4.41 during the period of the most shortage of manpower, but this wage level is still relatively high in the current pipeline recruitment market. If workers choose the rebate model, they can get an additional $1095 bonus after being on the job for 90 days. The factory of Foxconn in Longhua, Shenzhen has also started large-scale recruitment, but only the 3W business group that needs to wear dust-free clothes and produce camera modules can provide a high hourly wage of $3.65, and the hourly wages of other business groups are about $3.05.

The report also said that in the labor market on Xiu Yan Lu in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the supply chain factories of Apple and Huawei currently account for most of the recruitment needs, resulting in the wage level this year being lower than in previous years, and the employer's requirements are also more picky. A labor agency with more than ten years of experience said that at this time in previous years, the hourly wage of Changshuo could reach $3.77 to $3.91, but this year it is only $3.35. Some factories have also become stricter in the age limit for workers, no longer recruiting students under the age of 23 (summer temporary workers), and also not recruiting middle-aged people over the age of 42.