Exclusive Tesla's FSD System Allegedly Optimized for Elon Musk's Routes and Content Creators' Routes

TapTechNews July 10th news, an insider of Tesla revealed that Tesla's self-driving assistance system FSD has a situation of optimizing for specific routes, and the objects of optimization are the common routes of Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) and the shooting routes of some Tesla FSD content creators.

Exclusive Teslas FSD System Allegedly Optimized for Elon Musk's Routes and Content Creators' Routes_0

TapTechNews noticed that for many years, Musk has been vigorously promoting Tesla's self-driving technology, especially FSDBeta. He often encourages people to try this system or watch relevant videos, claiming that its functions are very powerful.

However, BusinessInsider interviewed many current and former Tesla employees, and they said that Tesla has been specifically optimizing its self-driving neural network for the routes that Musk and other internet celebrities who produce FSD content frequently travel.

The report said that more than ten current and former Tesla employees both said that the image and video data of the Tesla car driven by Musk would be subject to extremely meticulous review, and the data provided by well-known Tesla owners from platforms such as YouTube also received a VIP treatment in identifying and solving FSD software problems.

This leads to the result that Tesla's Autopilot and FSD software perform better on the routes that Musk and other content creators frequently travel, making their self-driving experience more smooth.

The report said that the data labelers responsible for reviewing the video clips of Tesla cars to help train the self-driving neural network were required to focus on two categories: Tesla CEO Elon Musk and a group of selected VIP drivers.

Many interviewed labelers confirmed that they were assigned to specifically handle the route data near Tesla headquarters, SpaceX, the location of Twitter, and the former mansion owned by Musk. Tesla employees said that this would undoubtedly give Musk a better FSD system experience than the average Tesla owner.

The report also said that Tesla would focus on the routes that Tesla FSD content creators frequently travel, and the data of these content creators would also be prioritized by data labelers. According to three current and former employees who know about this, Tesla has established a system that can prioritize handling the relevant data of users who are most likely to share their FSD experience online. These users are called VIP users within the company, and their data is sometimes put into the VIP queue.

Some employees believe that this is because these content creators will constantly challenge the limit of the FSD system, so it is also reasonable for the neural network to learn to handle such situations, but this will inevitably make their experience better than that of ordinary FSDBeta test version users.