GAC Aion's Move to Build Super Charging Network in Thailand

TapTechNews July 4th news, according to GAC Aion news, on July 3rd, the Thai Charging Alliance organized by the Thai Electric Vehicle Association and jointly participated by 18 charging pile operators was officially established, and GAC Aion participated in the signing ceremony and signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation.

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The Thai government has set a goal that by 2035, Thailand will vigorously promote the development of electric vehicles. In recent years, with the explosive growth of the sales and use of new energy electric vehicles in Thailand, the difficulty of charging has increasingly become the core pain point for users. Insufficient number of charging piles, low charging efficiency, and unreasonable layout of the charging pile network and other issues have become the core topics restricting the development of the new energy industry.

GAC Aion said that it will build a super charging network in Thailand, create a 15-kilometer radius charging network in the Greater Bangkok area, and plans to build 25 charging stations in 2024, and plans to build 200 1000-pile super charging networks in 100 cities across Thailand by 2028.

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TapTechNews has not temporarily queried the complete list of the 18 charging pile operators.