Zeekr Announces Its Fifth Model Named Zeekr 7X, a Luxury SUV

TapTechNews July 10th news, the fifth model under Zeekr and also the first household SUV model of Zeekr officially announced today that it is named Zeekr 7X, positioned as a luxury large five-seat SUV, focusing on ultimate safety, luxurious appearance, and comfortable large space.

The new car is still based on the SEA vast architecture, claiming to be the culmination of the Zeekr experience. The car is 4825mm in length, 1930mm in width, 1656mm in height, with a super long wheelbase of 2925mm and a housing rate of 83.34%, adopting HiddenEnergy original luxury design.

Zeekr Announces Its Fifth Model Named Zeekr 7X, a Luxury SUV_0

This new car adopts a design language similar to that of Zeekr 007, including the lines of the front face and taillights, as well as the raised lines on the front engine cover.

According to previous revelations, this car is a sibling model of Zeekr 007, positioned as a medium to large pure electric SUV, and it is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. TapTechNews will bring more relevant reports to everyone in the future.