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TapTechNews July 10th news, the phenomenal game Phantom Beasts Paru that was extremely popular in the first half of this year was once suspected of using generative AI in the development process, causing disputes from all walks of life. This morning, the president of the game's developer, PocketPair, Takurow Mizobe, personally stepped in and tweeted in response to the previous related doubts.

Takurow Mizobe said, "Phantom Beasts Paru is often accused of (using) generative AI in development, but actually we didn't use them, and thousands of sketches were all drawn by artists!"

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In January this year, it was already found that Takurow Mizobe is a radical AI supporter. He not only promotes the AI process in the company, but even made a game with the theme of AI painting with StableDiffusion.

Based on TapTechNews' previous reports, Takurow Mizobe once wrote in 2021, "AI has evolved so fast that I can't tell which is the real Pokémon anymore. The left is the 'Pokémon-like' generated by AI, and the right is the real Pokémon."

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Takurow Mizobe even said in 2022 that in the future the word "illustrator" will specifically refer to AI, but when referring to humans, it will be necessary to add "simulated (non-digital) illustrator", "human illustrator" to limit.

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