Global Semiconductor Equipment Sales Forecast and Market Trends

TapTechNews July 10th news, the industry body SEMI said on July 9th California time in the US that it is expected that the total global semiconductor equipment sales from original manufacturers this year will reach 109.47 billion US dollars (TapTechNews note: currently about 797.202 billion Chinese yuan).

The amount of 109.47 billion US dollars has increased by 3.36% compared to 105.91 billion US dollars in 2023, and is also higher than 107.4 billion US dollars in 2022, setting a new historical high.

In 2025, the total sales of semiconductor equipment will return to the fast growth track, reaching 127.53 billion US dollars, increasing by 16.5% significantly compared to this year's expected data.

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From the perspective of the segmented market, the wafer fab equipment sector shows a stable growth trend this year, reaching 98.31 billion US dollars, significantly higher than SEMI's pre-estimated value of 93 billion US dollars last year; looking forward to 2025, this part of the sales will show a 14.7% year-on-year increase, reaching 112.78 billion US dollars.

As for the back-end equipment field including test equipment and assembly and packaging (A&P) equipment, it will also begin to recover from the second half of 2024 after two consecutive years of contraction, and record a 32.2% comprehensive sales increase in 2025.

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Among the wafer fab equipment, by application, the sales of equipment for NAND flash memory will show a significant 55.5% increase in 2025 after a significant decline in 2023 and a stagnation in 2024; the sales of equipment for DRAM memory will record a stable climb of 24.1% and 12.3% in this year and next year.

From the regional perspective, the semiconductor equipment expenditure in Chinese mainland in 2024 will reach a record 35 billion US dollars, accounting for about 32% of the global total, continuing to consolidate the top position, but there will be a certain contraction in 2025.

SEMI President and CEO Ajit Manocha said: The global semiconductor industry is demonstrating its strong fundamentals and growth potential, supporting various disruptive applications emerging in the artificial intelligence wave.