Audi to Consider Early Production Stoppage of Q8 E-tron in Brussels Factory

TapTechNews July 10th news, according to AutoCar's report today, Audi is considering its factory in Brussels, Belgium, so its mid-to-large-sized pure electric SUV Q8 E-tron will face the fate of early production stoppage.

TapTechNews note: The history of Audi Q8 E-tron can be traced back to 2018, and this car is Audi's first mass-produced electric vehicle and was once named Audi E-tron. In 2022, this car迎来了一系列升级,外观进行了调整并配备了更大容量的电池。

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This car, as the flagship model in Audi's pure electric SUV family, was originally expected to be produced until mid-decade of this decade.

Audi said that the decrease in customer orders in the global electric luxury car market segment threatens the survival of this large SUV. The company has made plans to restructure the Brussels factory that produces this model. And according to Belgian law, Audi must consult with workers and other responsible social partners to discuss the potential alternative plans for the production stoppage. At the same time, the possibility of the factory ceasing operation is not excluded either.

According to the introduction, the decrease in popularity of Q8 E-tron is a problem in the specific market segment, and one factor is that there are more and more new cars (such as Q6 E-tron) based on pure electric vehicle-specific high-end platforms, while Q8 E-tron is a product developed based on the modified Volkswagen MQB architecture, which seems a bit old-fashioned at present. At the same time, the fuel vehicle model of Audi Q8 is still produced in the Bratislava factory in Slovakia and is not affected by the production rhythm of the pure electric model.

Audi Brussels factory only produced 53,555 Q8 E-tron and its Sportback sibling models in 2023, about half the number of Q4 E-tron produced in the Zwickau factory in Germany.

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