Tesla's 2024.26 Infotainment System Update New Features and Enhancements

TapTechNews July 9th news, Tesla has recently begun to gradually push the 2024.26 vehicle infotainment system update to its vehicles. Currently, the relevant update has been sent to the "first wave" of testers and is expected to meet all car owners soon.

TapTechNews sorted out the update contents as follows:

Improved air conditioning panel

Tesla redesigned the air conditioning interface. Now users of all models can turn off the passenger side air conditioning in the menu (note: previously only the refreshed Model 3 model supported this), and can also control the front and rear air conditioning of the car with one click without manually clicking buttons to switch between the front and rear rows in the interface.

Improved fan speed during calls

When a user is making a call using a mobile phone connected to a Tesla vehicle, the speed of the vehicle's air conditioning fan will automatically decrease to reduce the sound of ambient noise during the call.

Navigate to sub-destinations

Now users can navigate to sub-destinations in the map, such as a specific terminal of the airport, a specific entrance/exit of a subway station/mall.

Teslas 2024.26 Infotainment System Update New Features and Enhancements_0

Planned charging function

Users can now set coordinates in the map. When the vehicle drives into the coordinates, it can automatically perform tasks arranged by the user, such as charging the vehicle at a specific time (the user needs to manually connect to the charging pile)/turning on and off the air conditioning.

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Music and weather

Overseas users have added YouTube/Amazon Music applications.

Parental control

Users can now set "parental control" in the App. This function is similar to the "designated driver mode" and allows parents to limit the maximum speed and acceleration of the vehicle to ensure the safety of their children when driving the vehicle.

Full screen for meetings

Overseas users can adjust the Zoom meeting to full screen mode when parked.