Beyerdynamic's MMX300PRO Gaming Headset with Advanced Features

TapTechNews July 3rd news, Beyerdynamic (beyerdynamic, Beyer Dynamics) has recently launched the MMX300PRO monitoring-level gaming headset.

 Beyerdynamics MMX300PRO Gaming Headset with Advanced Features_0

The MMX300PRO headset is equipped with the STELLAR.45 driver unit used in Beyerdynamic professional monitoring headphones, which can provide excellent audio fidelity and accurate spatial sound reproduction ability.

This driving unit is equipped with a high-performance PEEK (TapTechNews note: polyetheretherketone) polymer diaphragm. This material is used in the aerospace and medical fields, and has high durability and high elasticity while maintaining good stability.

In the voice coil and magnet part, the STELLAR.45 drive unit is equipped with 60μm diameter lightweight composite copper-plated aluminum wire and N52 ruthenium magnet, and the air gap width between the metal ring and the voice coil is no more than 0.6mm.

 Beyerdynamics MMX300PRO Gaming Headset with Advanced Features_1

In terms of response frequency, the Beyerdynamic MMX300PRO headset can cover up to 40,000 Hz, which is further improved compared to the 35,000 Hz of the MMX300 second generation.

The headset is also equipped with a METAVOICE 10mm cardioid directional condenser microphone, which can shield noise and improve the clarity of game team voice communication.

The air-sense headband of the MMX300PRO headset adopts a fontanel groove design, and is equipped with a velvet-covered earmuff filled with memory foam, which can still remain comfortable after long-term wearing.

In addition, thanks to the 48Ω low impedance of the driving unit, this headset can be easily used on various devices including desktop computers and the three major game consoles. Beyerdynamic has also equipped it with a Y-type adapter compatible with game consoles.

The general manager of Beyerdynamic, Andreas Rapp, said:

MMX300PRO is a headset that not only provides an excellent sound quality experience, but also meets the苛刻 requirements of today's high-end gamers in terms of comfort and workmanship.

We firmly believe that this headset will become a long-term companion of players who pursue the ultimate game experience.

The suggested retail price of the Beyerdynamic MMX300PRO headset in China is 2399 yuan.