Feature Film 'Decryption' Directed by Chen Sicheng to Be Released on August 3rd

TapTechNews July 3rd news, the feature film Decryption, directed by Chen Sicheng, officially announced the release date of August 3rd for theatrical release. The whole film was specially shot with IMAX. The official released the release date trailer today.

Decryption set to be released on August 3rd: Directed by Chen Sicheng, shot entirely with IMAX' data-original='https://img.ithome.com/newsuploadfiles/2024/7/50c533a6-ee1f-4b72-8dab-0ac2cc7b3a7b.jpg?x-bce-process=image/format,f_auto' width='1440' height='1148'>

Feature Film 'Decryption' Directed by Chen Sicheng to Be Released on August 3rd_1

The film is adapted from Mai Jia's novel of the same name Decryption. The original work has been shortlisted for the 6th National Book Award and the 6th Mao Dun Literature Award successively. The film features actors such as Liu Haoran, Chen Daoming, and Daniel Wu. Decryption mainly tells that:

Rong Jinzhen, a mathematical genius with a tragic life, was recruited to the secret unit 701 because of his unique talent for numbers to crack an extremely difficult code Purple Secret.

This decryption task like a game has tortured human elites including Rong Jinzhen to the brink of death. Each of them is like a supernova, blooming with a dazzling brilliance like a flash in the pan until they disappear.

TapTechNews noted that the TV drama of the same name Decryption has already premiered in 2016. The TV series version is directed by An Jian, written by Feng Ji, and features actors such as Chen Xuedong, Ying'er, Jing Chao, Zhang Zhehan, Guo Jingfei, Yin小天, and An Yixuan. The Douban score is 5.2.