Apple to Release iOS 17.5.2 Update to Fix Bugs and Screen Time Loophole

TapTechNews July 9th news, the tech media MacRumors reported that Apple is brewing an iOS 17.5.2 version update, with the internal version number of 21F101. The update magnitude is not large, mainly focusing on bug fixes and stability improvement.

Apple to Release iOS 17.5.2 Update to Fix Bugs and Screen Time Loophole_0

Apple has currently placed the focus of iOS development on the iOS 18 system. Therefore, the update rhythm of the iOS 17.x branch has slowed down, and the update magnitude is not large, mainly for bug fixes and stability improvement. iOS 17.5.2 will be released before iOS 17.6 and iOS 18. Apple released the second beta version of iOS 17.6 last week, and currently iOS 17.6 also doesn't bring much updated content.

Apple released the third beta version of iOS 18 today, mainly bringing features like dark icons on the home screen, and interested users can click here.

TapTechNews reported in June this year that iOS 17.5.2 will fix the screen time usage loophole to prevent children from bypassing parental control.

In response to the increasingly serious problem of mobile phone addiction, Apple launched the Screen Time feature in iOS 12, allowing users to decide how to use their devices, and at the same time, they can also set time limits and access restrictions on the content they want to manage on their own devices or their children's devices.

However, since the launch of this feature, there has always been a bug - users (including minors) can simply enter a special string in the Safari address bar to freely browse the content on the web, whether it's pornographic or violent content, and can even search on Google how to buy cocaine, and the application usage time limit set for children (such as one hour limit for YouTube usage) is completely useless.

An Apple spokesperson said that the company is aware of the problem with the underlying network technology protocol of the developers, which allows users to bypass network content restrictions, and Apple plans to fix this problem in the next software update (17.5.2).