Xiaomi 15Ultra Model Revealed, Expected Release in 2025

TapTechNews July 9th news, Gizmochina unearthed the model of Xiaomi 15Ultra from the IMEI database.

Judging from the model (the first four digits), the new phone is expected to be released around January to February 2025 (around the Spring Festival of the Snake Year) and will be sold in the Chinese, Indian and global markets.

Domestic version: 25010PN30C

Indian version: 25010PN30I

International version: 25010PN30G

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According to previous revelations, Xiaomi 15 and Xiaomi 15Ultra are expected to be launched globally, while Xiaomi 15Pro will be a model unique to the Chinese market. TapTechNews summarizes the known revelations of the Xiaomi 15 series:

Both Xiaomi 15 and Xiaomi 15Pro models have reached IP69 water and dust resistance.

The Xiaomi 15 series is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen4 processor. The basic version adopts a 1.5K LTPO straight screen + metal middle frame + glass body, and is equipped with a 50MP super large bottom large aperture main camera + 50MP 3.X upright telephoto macro, with full-area large aperture, square high-quality DECO, stereo receiver dual speakers, single-point ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint, supports wireless charging, and the body is thinner and lighter, while upgrading the new system and AI functions.

Xiaomi 15Pro is equipped with a 2K iso-depth micro-curved screen, single-point ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint, 50Mp super large bottom fixed large aperture main camera, 50Mp 3X new periscope, and the body is relatively thinner and lighter. The engineering machine camera Deco is located in the upper left corner of the body, the flashlight is moved outside the Deco, and the module adopts a round-in-square design; it uses a 5400mAh silicon negative electrode battery and supports hundred-watt-level wired/wireless fast charging.

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