New Game <em>Kunitsu-Gami Path of the Goddess</em> PS4/PS5 Versions Release Details and Features

TapTechNews July 9th news, the source PlayStationGameSize disclosed the capacities of the PS4 and PS5 versions of Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess. The capacity of the PS4 version is 9.623 GB, and the capacity of the PS5 version is 16.767 GB. It will start pre-loading on July 17th and officially release on July 19th.

The price aspect, this game has currently been listed on the Sony PSN Hong Kong service (click here to visit), selling for HK$388 (TapTechNews note: currently about US$48), and on the PC platform, it sells for 248 yuan in the Steam China region (click here to visit); in addition, the game will also be included in Xbox Game Pass at the start.

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess will start pre-loading on July 17th and release on July 19th d

According to the introduction, this game combines action and real-time strategy gameplay. The protagonist played by the player, Soh, needs to cooperate with the girl with divine power, Yoshiro, to clear the filth occupied on the legendary mountain Kafuku and regain the 12 masks with divine power.

In addition, to commemorate the release of the Demo, the game will also launch a collaboration with Okami. Including the collaboration costumes of the protagonist Sou and the miko Yoshitsune, as well as the collaboration weapons and collaboration BGM. The above content will be a global player promotion task and can be obtained for free after the game's first-day update (after meeting the conditions).

Game Introduction:

A new god legend

Kunitsu-gami: Path of the Goddess is a single-player Kagura strategy drama that experiences the fun of action and strategy in an original Japanese-style world view, with the mountain village covered by filth as the story stage.

In the daytime, you need to rack your brains to purify the village and prepare for the attack,

At night, you need to resist the attacking demons and protect the miko,

Before purifying the filth in the mountains and regaining a stable life,

Countless day and night cycles repeat...

The unique Japanese-style world view

The story stage is the Happiness and Misfortune Mountain covered by filth. In this game, not only the mountain forest landscape, but also Japanese culture such as Kagura and masks, as well as the music played in the background, etc., can all allow players to experience a unique and sophisticated Japanese-style atmosphere.

The Fear Cry attracted by the filth

After sunset, the Fear Cry will appear from the otherworldly gate. The Fear Cry with various abnormal abilities appears at night and rushes towards the miko one after another. The obsession and creativity of the game director are incorporated into these shapes that symbolize the world view of this game.

The refreshing sword dance action

In order to protect the mountain miko Yoshitsune, the protagonist of this game, Sou, will raise his sword and swing to resist the Fear Cry. Don't be afraid of the wide variety of attacks of the Fear Cry, and cut them all with a refreshing sword dance!

The combination of action and strategy

Sou's battle is not alone, and the villagers given occupations will also provide assistance. What occupation should be given to the villagers and where should they be placed? What kind of enemies can be handed over to the villagers and what kind of enemies need to be fought with one's own sword? The constantly changing battle situation will test the player's command ability.

Drive away the filth of the torii and purify it!

If you can withstand the attack of the Fear Cry before dawn and guide the generation to the torii during the daytime, you can purify the torii through her Kagura. Regain the peace of the mountain village!

Game Gallery:

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess will start pre-loading on July 17th and release on July 19th d

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess will start pre-loading on July 17th and release on July 19th d

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess will start pre-loading on July 17th and release on July 19th d