Ferrari's Aggressive Actions Against Counterfeit Goods in 2023

TapTechNews July 9th news, Ferrari, which has always been known for its tough brand protection, really went on a rampage against counterfeit products last year. According to the infographic released by the company, in 2023 alone, Ferrari seized and destroyed more than 400,000 counterfeit goods with its iconic prancing horse logo.

Ferrari's Aggressive Actions Against Counterfeit Goods in 2023_0

TapTechNews noted that the infographic shows that among the more than 400,000 counterfeit goods destroyed, there were 3 cars. How Ferrari managed to seize and destroy these 3 fake cars remains unclear. However, just 3 cars is indeed just the tip of the iceberg.

Ferrari's Aggressive Actions Against Counterfeit Goods in 2023_1

Besides cars, a wide variety of counterfeit goods seized and destroyed by Ferrari include 100,351 pieces of clothing, 30,161 bottles of perfume, 17,231 handbags, 17,438 pairs of shoes and 60,903 watches. In addition, there are also 13,415 belts, 11,500 trademark logos, 800 scooters, 872 Ferrari model cars, 91,229 pairs of glasses, 1,092 footballs and 57,503 wallets.

It is worth mentioning that Ferrari has an 'anti-counterfeiting reward program', specifically rewarding those who report products that may infringe on Ferrari's trademark being sold in commercial places. The reporter needs to provide detailed information about the merchant involved, the quantity of suspected infringing products, and photos showing counterfeit Ferrari trademarks (such as labels, etc.).

Ferrari only accepts reports of counterfeiting in commercial places. For Ferrari replicas made by individuals at home purely for personal hobbies, the company will not investigate.