AMD Is Developing RDNA4 GPUs Navi48 and Navi44 with Uncertainties

TapTechNews July 6th news, AMD is currently developing two different RDNA4 GPUs: Navi48 and Navi44. The former is slightly larger than the latter. Both are expected to be released in 2025, but the exact product positioning and performance remain a mystery.

@Kepler indicated that the more high-end Navi48 series GPU will make its debut at the CES next year (from January 7th to 10th), while the slightly weaker Navi44 series GPU is expected to be announced until the second quarter of next year.

AMD Is Developing RDNA4 GPUs Navi48 and Navi44 with Uncertainties_0

According to the previous convention, AMD often launches the latest news of the new-generation mobile CPU platform and other products at the CES Consumer Electronics Show, but AMD has made an exception this year and launched the Ryzen AI 300 series processor in advance. So, the CES in January may mainly introduce more laptop products equipped with Radeon RX 8000 GPU.

TapTechNews reported in April this year that the Navi4x series will adopt TSMC's N4P process. The overall design is the same as the Navi3x series, but some old designs have been removed to increase the density of the GPU chip.


Navi48 is expected to have 64 compute units, a 256-bit memory bandwidth, a 693 GB/s memory bandwidth, and an equivalent bandwidth of 2770 GB/s. The GPU chip area is 240 square millimeters.


Navi44 is expected to have 32 compute units, a 128-bit width, and 288 GB/s bandwidth. The GPU chip area is 130 square millimeters.

Navi44 is expected to replace Navi33, with the same parameters, but the GPU chip area of the latter is 204 square millimeters.

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