Tencent Magic Cube Releases

TapTechNews July 6th news, although there is no any publicity, Tencent Magic Cube suddenly announced the real machine demonstration video of Ace Warrior 2 today, and announced the opening of Android side download trial play (the test time of iOS side has not been announced), and the official launch time has not been announced yet.

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According to the official introduction, this is a 5V5 hero shooting game with hot-blooded anime style, which is built on Unreal Engine 4. Ace Warrior 2 continues the story setting of the first-generation product, and has carried out a comprehensive upgrade in shooting experience, game quality and art style. TapTechNews noticed that the official also announced that it will fully refund the historical recharge amount of Ace Warrior players in the game.

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Ace Warrior 2 is a 5v5 teamwork game that emphasizes fair competition, mainly based on the demolition mode, but the overall rhythm will be more compact, and the characters have different positions and corresponding skills, requiring players to consider various strategies to compete.

In the overall strategic choice, players have to face different offensive and defensive strategies - whether the attacking side rushes into the point or advances slowly, whether the defending side stabilizes the point and waits for the rabbit or takes the initiative, these strategic games rely on effective communication and cooperation among teammates.

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