Li Auto's Smart Driving Upgrade Map-Free NOA for Multiple Models

TapTechNews July 5th news, Li Auto announced at tonight's Smart Driving Summer Launch Event that OTA 6.0 smart driving will迎来 a'significant upgrade' - a 'can be driven nationwide' map-free NOA, covering Li Auto MEGA and Li Auto L9/L8/L7/L6's ADMax models, covering more than 240,000 users.

 Li Auto's Smart Driving Upgrade Map-Free NOA for Multiple Models_0

According to the introduction, Li Auto's current latest map-free NOA can drive on cities, towns, and secondary roads. Compared to the previous version, in terms of BEV (TapTechNews note: Bird's Eye View), perception ability, regulation and control ability, and the overall system ability have been comprehensively improved, being able to handle more conditions and environments.

Li Auto's map-free NOA will no longer rely too much on 'prior information', and the official says it can handle various situations encountered during driving on the road more freely. In addition, it has the ability of'smooth detour', which can continuously predict the spatial interaction relationship between the self-vehicle and other vehicles, and plan out all drivable trajectories in the 'future time window', and select the optimal and most efficient trajectory.

 Li Auto's Smart Driving Upgrade Map-Free NOA for Multiple Models_1

The system can merge all the surrounding environment, road information, and trajectory and data information provided by navigation from the spliced cameras to form a'super-long-range' ability, and find the optimal route when passing through intersections.

The official also said that the map-free NOA upgrades the pure visual OCC occupation network to a lidar and visual pre-fusion occupation network, which can recognize a larger range of irregular obstacles and has higher perception accuracy.