Geely Galaxy E5 Pre-Sale Update August Listing, Configurations, and More

TapTechNews July 9th news, Geely Galaxy E5 pure electric SUV started pre-sale on July 5th, The pre-sale price ranges from $17,500 to $22,000, and the official answered the questions raised by users during the pre-sale period yesterday.

Geely Galaxy E5 Pre-Sale Update August Listing, Configurations, and More_0

TapTechNews summarizes as follows:

1. How much down payment is required for pre-sale? If I change my mind after placing the order, is the down payment refundable?

The down payment is 500 Chinese yuan and is refundable at any time before the big order is locked, and it is expected to be fully refunded to the car payment account within 3 working days. If everyone recognizes the product power of Geely Galaxy E5, you can place the order quickly to lock the rights and interests.

2. Can the pre-sale rights and interests be transferred?

The pre-sale rights and interests cannot be transferred. Users who place orders through the official platforms such as Geely Galaxy New Energy App, WeChat, Douyin mini-program, and official website can enjoy the pre-sale rights and interests, and only one mobile phone number can participate in one ordering activity. Before purchasing a car, it is necessary to ensure that the purchaser's information is correct, otherwise the corresponding rights and interests cannot be cashed out.

3. Can you disclose the specific time of listing? Can I drive the Geely Galaxy E5 in August?

It is planned to be listed in early August and delivery will start immediately after listing.

4. If I place a big order directly after listing, can I still enjoy the pre-sale rights and interests package?

At present, the pre-sale rights and interests are only for users who place orders during the pre-sale period, and the pre-sale rights and interests package can also be superimposed with the rights and interests after listing. Please refer to the subsequent official notice for the purchase rights and interests after listing.

5. After placing an order during the pre-sale period, can I change the configuration after listing?

Before the big order is locked, the information such as the selected model, configuration, interior and exterior color, etc. can be directly modified in the order. When locking the big order after listing, everyone has one chance to adjust the model, configuration, exterior, and interior color.

6. Can I change the dealer information after placing an order for Geely Galaxy E5 pre-sale?

In the Geely Galaxy E5 pre-sale order activity, the selected sales store, owner's name and mobile phone number need to be filled in, among which the sales store and mobile phone number cannot be modified, and the owner's name can only be modified when upgrading to a big order. Therefore, please make sure the key information when placing the order!

7. Where can I see the configuration of different models?

We have provided the highlight configuration and difference configuration of each model in the Geely Galaxy New Energy App and the official website, and everyone can quickly understand and choose their favorite model. If some configurations cannot be queried through the official channels at this stage, please refer to the listing information.

Geely Galaxy E5 The length, width and height are 1817/750/656 inches respectively, and the wheelbase is 1083 inches, and a total of 5 different configurations are launched. TapTechNews summarizes the prices as follows:

440km Sailor Edition: $17,500

440km Explorer Edition: $18,500

530km Long Voyage Edition: $19,000

530km Explorer+ Edition: $20,000

53 0km Starship Edition: $22,000

In addition, during the pre-sale period, a deposit of 500 yuan can be deducted by 2000 yuan, and a limited-time gift of 8800 yuan of FlymeSound Boundaryless Sound 16 speakers and a maximum of 11800 yuan of optional configurations.