BMW Seeks to Reduce Import Tariff of Chinese-Made Electric MINI COOPER

TapTechNews July 8th news, according to Reuters citing informed sources today, BMW has requested the European Commission to reduce the import tariff of the Chinese-made electric MINI COOPER.

This move aims to include the model in the 'cooperating with the investigation' category, with the goal of reducing the tariff imposed on the car from the current maximum of 37.6% to 20.8%. The European Commission announced last week that it would impose a provisional tariff on locally imported Chinese-made electric vehicles, but automakers can make comments by July 18th.

TapTechNews note: The Chinese-made electric MINI COOPER has only been in production for a few months and is not within the scope of the sampling analysis before Brussels announced the tariff, which means the model will automatically be subject to the highest tariff.

The above source said that BMW expects the electric MINI COOPER will eventually be imposed a lower tariff. But only after the final tariff is determined in the autumn, the formal procedure for new entrants to seek a lower tariff may be initiated.

The electric MINI COOPER was officially launched on the evening of July 6th. The new car is produced by the Beam Automotive Company, a joint venture between Great Wall and BMW, and only offers a three-door version with a CLTC range of up to 456 kilometers.

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