Honda and Nissan May Jointly Develop Standardized In-Vehicle OS to Boost Competitiveness

TapTechNews July 4th news, according to NHK and Nikkei reports, Honda is approaching Nissan, hoping to jointly develop a standardized in-vehicle operating system and build the next generation of cars based on it, thereby reducing development costs and accelerating commercialization.

Nikkei said that the two companies are in the final negotiation. In addition, the two sides are also discussing what kind of development system to establish and considering expanding the cooperation scope to the battery and drive system of electric vehicles.

This move may further promote the cooperation of the two companies in technology development and strengthen their competitiveness in the global automotive market.

Honda and Nissan May Jointly Develop Standardized In-Vehicle OS to Boost Competitiveness_0

In March this year, Honda and Nissan signed a memorandum of understanding, considering comprehensive cooperation in areas such as vehicle electrification, and had specific discussions, and the details can be seen in the previous report of TapTechNews.

According to sources, the two sides have recently been considering developing a new in-vehicle operating system to achieve comprehensive control of devices that used to need to be controlled separately, and are committed to making devices such as accelerators and brakes as well as driving support systems standardized in design.

NHK pointed out that with the emergence of electric vehicles and assisted driving technologies, the complexity of the automotive control system has significantly increased, and Tesla in the US and BYD in China have already taken the lead in the practical application of in-vehicle operating systems.